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Monica Broholm


Monica Broholm immigrated to the United States in 1988 from Mexico City. The importance of medical interpretation became clearly apparent to Ms. Broholm when she delivered her first child in the United States and was unable to communicate with her doctors, who did not speak Spanish and did not provide interpretation services.


Years later, after mastering English and becoming an American citizen, Ms. Broholm fought to make sure other mothers never experienced the same trauma she had felt as an expecting mother.


After volunteering as a Spanish-English interpreter at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Howard County General Hospital, Ms. Broholm founded Echo Translations Services on the simple idea of providing prompt on-call interpreters at competitive rates.


As Echo has grown over the years, Echo still strives to hire women and underrepresented minorities in its ranks. From emergency room visits and family counseling, to group therapy sessions and routine medical interactions, Echo’s interpreters are trained to provide accurate and professional interpretation services in all types of settings.


We understand the importance of providing patients the care and respect they deserve, and strive to deliver top performance to our clients.

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